Do you want a fully fun teambuilding with incentive activities or even a draft? At EnjoyToday, you can choose from a variety of activities and original team builders in and around Oudenaarde. We are happy to make an offer tailored to your interests. Don't hesitate to ask for more information or a free quote.

! NEW !

I-pad and VR games

Settlers of the Flemish Ardennes, Feel Great, VR murder game, Escape game, La Casa de Papel

Explore the area and move around

Nordic Walk, Nature Walk, Bike Tour, Vespatocht,

2 PK Tour "Route of the Flemish Ardennes, 2 PK Tour" Route of Flanders Teambuilding with missions, mountain biking with technique, settlers of the Flemish Ardennes

Communication with animals

Falconer Workshop

Culinary pleasure and pleasure

Cocktail workshop,

Sushi Workshop,


Music and rhythm

RAP Workshop,

Djembé Initiation,

Percussion Workshop

Action and fun

Kr8kamp, Laser battle, Trust the driver,

Highland Games,

Police Academy,

Game Without Borders, Zeskamp, Swamp Trail, expedition Robinson, shooting Trials Challenge,

Bubble Football

Creative collaboration

Giant construction catapult, making images with textile hardener,

Mega-Kites Building (also inside)

Psychology and human knowledge

 Who discovers the game of traitor, Selfcoaching and positive stress manipulation, Workshop juggle, Feel great I-pad game

Collaboration and communication

Aligator Pit,

The spider's web,

Mission Impossible,

Giant catapult construction,

The minefield,

The Treasure of the Suerra Madres,

Caribbean cruise (also indoors),

The Weersataliet (also inside),

Offman's Basic Quadrants

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