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4 unique rooms

karaktervolle vergaderzaal

Garden room 1

With Garden room 1, you sit directly in our garden, so to speak, overlooking the vast nature around it. Projection, interactive screen and flipchart are available.

reception: 30 people

dinner: 14 people

Theater: 20 people

U-shape: 14 people

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vergaderzaal garden room 2

Garden room 2

Garden room 2 borders our garden with views of nature and meadows. Projection, interactive screen and flipchart are also available here.

reception: 55 people

dinner: 40 people

Theater: 35 people

U-shape: 24 people

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the roof

The Roof

the roof is located on a mezzanine floor of the panoramic house and has a view of the garden on the one hand and spatial view of the panoramic house. .

reception: 20 persons

dinner: 10 persons

Theater: 20 persons

U-shape: 12 persons

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plenaire zaal

Panoramic House

The panoramic house is an authentic barn that has been completely renovated. The oak rafters create an atmospheric and warm setting.

reception: 100 persons

dinner: 60 persons

Theater: 60 persons

U-shape: /

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interactieve schermen

Get together with your colleagues physically and digitally

Our meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology to make your meetings smoother and more efficient. Our digital touchscreen screens are equipped with a 4K camera and microphones, allowing you to take advantage of solid video and audio quality during your meetings. These screens allow you to wirelessly present and collaborate with multiple people on one screen, whether you are in the office or working remotely. It is the perfect solution for hybrid meetings that require physical and digital collaboration.

  • 4K camera and microphones
  • Wireless presentation and collaboration 
  • Touchscreen functionality to take notes, draw and annotate during meetings.
  • Access digital files and tools.
  • Connect simultaneously to different devices and switch with 1 click
  • Improve collaboration and communication by sharing ideas and information in real time, both physically and digitally.

Number of persons  

tables & chairs  


Interactive screen  

Air conditioning  

natural light  

solar screens  

exit to the garden  

the Roof

up to 20 people 







Garden room 1

up to 30 people





garden room 2

up to 55 people
Panoramic house

Panoramic House

Discover our Panoramic House, an authentic barn completely renovated and transformed into a beautiful multipurpose room. Enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere created by the oak rafters.  Experience the sweeping views of the surrounding meadows thanks to the large glass windows that connect the courtyard & old barn to the surroundings. A unique blend of country charm and modern luxury, perfect for that meeting, speaker, dinner or team building. Book your event at our Panoramic House now and discover this beautiful place for yourself.
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