2CV teambuilding

Discover the Flemish Ardennes

team building by bike, vespa, E-step and 2pk

Liefmans Brouwerij

Visit to brewery Liefmans with the E-step

Depart along the Scheldt by E-step to the Liefmans brewery and learn about the brewing process. The master brewer will lead you around among the barrels and brewing process of the beers. Before returning, conclude your visit with a tasting in the brew pub.

from €40/pp  -  4h

e-bike tour

Tour des Ardennes with an electric bike

Search per group for historical facts, useful facts and Oudenaarde brown beer during a competition with your colleagues. Via our app you solve the riddles, receive useful information and determine your own route. The last group on the terrace treats!

from €55/pp  -  4h

from €67/pp  -  7h

2CV teambuilding

2CV experience tour on and around the Koppenberg

A mapped out route, quest and a touch of competition, everything you need for an unforgettable teambuilding. Depart from our location with your car on a trek through the region and prove yourself during the technical tests on the koppenberg.
from €75/pp  -  4h


Vespa ride along the Scheldt and Flemish fields.

Scooter ride with GPS through the Flemish Ardennes. Enjoy the outdoors together, the freedom of a Vespa and the beautiful views. Our GPS leads you along the river Scheldt, through forests and over green hills, on paved and unpaved roads. Traverse the region at your own pace and choose at which places you stay and how long you stay there.

from €95/pp  -  4h
from €115/pp  -  7h

Brouwerij Roman

Visit to Roman brewery (Ename) by E-bike

Head into the fields and arrive at Brewery Romen via the junction network. The brewery is the oldest family brewery in Belgium. They brew the famous Ename, Gentse Strop, Sloeber & the most recent brother Ramon. The visit includes a guided tour, a beer tasting (3 beers) and a gift package.

from €55/pp   -  4h


The Smartest goat of the Flemish Ardennes

It's done: we're combining the best quiz of all time with the coolest vintage cars of all time! Head out and become the smartest goat in the Flemish Ardennes. An afternoon program where knowledge, strategy and speed will help you on your way.  Will your car win the smartest goat trophy?

from €80/pp  -  4h

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