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Archery tag

Bumperball & Archery tag

Combine 2 team competitions for an afternoon filling program. After a game of bumper soccer, you compete against each other in 2 teams with a bow and arrow and try to eliminate the other team's targets as quickly as possible with a hit shot yourself!
from €45/pp - 2h to 2h30


An exciting, sensational action game on our full domain. You go out armed with a laser machine gun to eliminate your enemies' targets! Your employees, divided into 2 teams, compete against each other in the battle for the Koppenberg.

from €40/pp - 2h to 2h30


Haka workshop

Haka is a ritual dance of the Maori that originated in New Zealand. During this ritual, a story is told using voice and body. Get out of your comfort zone and experience the energy a Haka gives you and your group. After this, you will be completely relaxed:

from €750/group - 1h30 to 2h30
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Highland games

stump throwing, sheep herding, archery or whiskey football.... What does your team excel at? The Highland games are known for its value: Power - team dynamics and pride. We put your team 100% in the right mood with the Scottish outfit and atmosphere.

from €1400/group - 2h



Bumperball is a short and slightly more active activity. We start with some mini-games to practice and get your team ready for the game of bubble soccer. Bubble soccer represents a sporty and hilarious activity ideal for a short team building activity.
from €40/pp - 1h to 1h30


Bring out the kid in you during our power camp. Various inflatable tasks and obstacles are ready for your team to indulge in. Effort, movement, team dynamics and fun will ensure a true climax to your day....

from €700/group - 2h to 6h

Highland Games (2u)

Everyone gets a Scottish costume and we play some traditional Scottish Highland Games, supplemented with some extras (Scottish-style games). When you think of this, of course, you immediately think of hugely muscled athletes in a kilt throwing stones and beams, everything you don't immediately expect as throwing games. We are going after these athletes, albeit from the team-building perspective. Moving things together, throwing, transporting, throwing, pulling, ... and all this in a Scottish outfit including proper hair cuts, isn't that unifying?

The assignments are adapted to the participants (gender, age, physical condition)

Option: For those who like to take it up another notch, a combination of:

  • Sheep herding
  • whiskey tasting
  • Bagpipe playing

In short: in search of the Scottish Pride!

Bubble Football

Bubble soccer or bubble ball!

The sensational team activity for those who love soccer!

Compete with your friends, teammates or colleagues!

Bubble soccer is the crazy game where you bash your opponent on the other side of the field! The great thing about this is that you don't feel anything about it and it is harmless. So you can attack each other uncontrollably. A hilarious activity!

What is waiting for you during Bubble Football?

Of course we don't just throw you in at the deep end. After a pleasant reception you get an extensive game explanation, so you know all the ins and outs. Then we make teams and these get a final briefing on the strategy to follow to knock each other down. After the first whistle, the battle begins. Who will be the winner of this hilarious game despite the many "fouls"?

Laser battle (2h -3h)

Undoubtedly one of the most fun and active forms of team building is 'Lasertag'! In a group, armed with a Lasergun that registers everything (no need for armor) and with a certain goal in mind, super! From a computer program behind the whole concept, you can program to play in different teams, how many bullets & lives you get, who your opponents are or who you can heal by hitting him,... Endless fun.

This concept ensures that players will not only have a great time, they will also have worked on group dynamics, as well as physically have a hand.

Would you like to give this a try?

Power Camp (1,5h - 6h)

Fancy experiencing an activity you won't soon forget, then try your luck at this kr8camp! A mix of inflatable attractions for adults provides challenge, innovation and fun, but can be used for groups with a high physical ability as well as groups that prefer not to make it too difficult. Colorful to views, tasks, originality and experience!

Much variation possible, duration according to your wishes. A program tailored to your needs, that's what it's all about! We give you 6 often chosen combinations:

  • EASY: 2 sets of the Sweeper + live table football
  • EASY+ : 3 sets Sweeper + live table soccer + sherpa run
  • WILD: 2 apparatus battle zone + jungle run
  • WILD+: 3 equipment Battle zone + jungle run + cannon balls OR living table football
  • EXTREME : 3 machines Wipe Out and V-Rolls course + The Hulk
  • EXTREME+ : 4 machines Wipe Out and V-Rolls track + The Hulk + Flip-it
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